Pointless Celebrities: Alexander Armstrong HITS BACK at Owen Jones after show swipe | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Pointless Celebrities: Alexander Armstrong HITS BACK at Owen Jones after show swipe | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

During the wordsmith based episode of Pointless Celebrities, host Alexander Armstrong went through his usual bout of speaking to his contestants.

But one of his contestants was quick to comment about the show, comparing it to the political debate program.

Owen Jones, a Guardian columnist and writer, appeared on the show with his team member Mark.

And Alexander was quick to remind him about once appearing in Question Time in a woman’s blouse.

Alexander inquired: “Apparently you turned up on the show in someones blouse?”

Owen was quick to defend himself, however.

He explained: “It was an accident! There’s a rational explanation to this.”

But he went on to compare Question Time with Pointless, condemning the quiz show for being scary.

Owen continued: “Question Time, by the way, is nowhere near as scary as this show.

“This is a horror show – why did I agree to do this? It’s horrendous.”

But Alexander was having none of it, as he smirked and sarcastically hit back: “Really? Really?”

Moving back to the topic of the blouse, Alexander had the final laugh, as Owen continued that it was an unexpected accident.

But Alexander laughed: “Did the pie crust collar not give it away?” leaving the remainder of the contestants giggling.

Owen and Mark went on to make it to the final, missing the final prize money for their charities by two points.

Previously on Pointless hosts Alexander and Richard Osman abandoned the show after a contestant brought up the subject of taking a holiday in Bhutan.

Joking about leaving the show immediately, Alexander chuckled: “Let’s go after the head-to-head. They could do the finals themselves.”

Richard even offered replacement presenters, saying: “I tell you what, I’ll call Sue Barker now.

“I’ll get her to step in for the head-to-head and we can head off to Bhutan.”

Alexander smirked: “Yeah. It’d be quite good for her, just to learn the ropes because she, I know, is very keen to take over.”

Pointless Celebrities continues Sunday at 5pm on BBC One.

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